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Take in the beauty of spring and enjoy the profusion of flowering trees and shrubs at Purdue! This north campus tour takes visitors around the Engineering Fountain, Elliot Hall, Bell Tower, Stanley Coulter Hall, University Hall, Memorial Mall, Stewart Center, Purdue Memorial Union, Knoy Hall, and many others.

Malus × 'Robinson' (Robinson Flowering Crabapple)

Dark pink flower clusters adorn the Robinson Crabapple in the spring.

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Magnolia stellata (Star Magnolia)

This magnolia is one of the earliest to bloom (early April) and has beautiful, fragrant white flowers that can have up to 18 petals.

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Malus × 'Jewelcole' [sold as Red Jewel®] (Red Jewel Flowering Crabapple)

Beautiful white flowers cover the branches of this crabapple in the spring.

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Rhododendron × 'P.J.M.' (P.J.M. Hybrid Group) (P.J.M. Rhododendron)

This hardy Rhododendron variety produces an abundance of showy, bright lavender pink flowers in mid to late April.

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Rhododendron × 'Northern Starburst' (P.J.M. Hybrid Group) (Northern Starburst Rhododendron)

Similar to the P.J.M. Rhododendron, the Northern Starburst Rhododendron produces vivid, mauve flowers in mid to late April.

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Viburnum carlesii (Koreanspice Viburnum)

The white dome-like flower clusters of this viburnum produce a pleasant, clove-like fragrance.

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Malus × 'Red Splendor' (Red Splendor Flowering Crabapple)

This Flowering Crabapple has lovely pink flower clusters that emerge in late April to May.

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Aesculus glabra (Ohio Buckeye)

The Ohio Buckeye produces long, showy greenish-yellow bottle-brush flower panicles in the spring.


Syringa pubescens ssp. patula (Manchurian Lilac)

The fragrant, long purple flower clusters of the Manchurian Lilac emerge in May and June.

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Viburnum farreri (Fragrant Viburnum)

As its common name implies, this viburnum produces very sweetly fragrant, whitish-pink flowers in early to mid April before the leaves emerge.

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Prunus sargentii (Sargent Cherry)

A classic spring beauty, the pink flowers of this cherry tree are borne in 2-6 flowered clusters in late April to early May.

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Pyrus calleryana 'Bradford' (Bradford Callery Pear)

This early bloomer is covered in white flower clusters in late April, before the leaves emerge.

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Liriodendron tulipifera (Tuliptree)

The Tuliptree is the state tree of Indiana and is known for having both leaves and flowers shaped like tulips.

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Malus × 'Branzam' [sold as Brandywine®] (Brandywine Flowering Crabapple)

This beautiful crabapple has fragrant, double, pink flowers that emerge in late April to May.

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Malus floribunda (Japanese Flowering Crabapple)

This profuse bloomer has pink-red buds that open to fragrant, white flowers in late April to May.

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Crataegus viridis 'Winter King' (Winter King Green Hawthorn)

The branches of this hawthorn are decorated in clusters of white, showy flowers in the spring.

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Malus × 'Indian Magic' (Indian Magic Flowering Crabapple)

Numerous dark pink to rose-red flowers create a beautiful spring time display with this crabapple.

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Malus × 'Van Eseltine' (Van Eseltine Flowering Crabapple)

Another lovely Flowering Crabapple, this cultivar produces large, gorgeous, double, pink blooms in the spring.

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Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood)

This Indiana native tree bears 2" wide, showy, 4-petalled flowers (bracts) in spring.

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Cercis canadensis 'Alba' (White Eastern Redbud)

This is a pure white-flowering version of the Indiana native Redbud.

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Fothergilla gardenii (Dwarf Fothergilla)

This neat shrub produces an abundance of interesting, fragrant, white, bottle-brush flowers in the spring.

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Halesia carolina (Carolina Silverbell)

A beautiful small tree, the Carolina Silverbell bears pendulous, white, bell-shaped flower clusters in the spring.


Rhododendron catawbiense (Catawba Rhododendron)

The large flowers of this evergreen Rhododendron are lilac to purple in color, with yellow or green spots in the throat.

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Aesculus hippocastanum 'Baumannii' (Baumann Common Horsechestnut)

This large tree is notable for its very showy terminal panicles of double flowers with white petals, each with reddish-yellow marks at the inner petal bases.

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Syringa × chinensis (Chinese Lilac)

This attractive lilac hybrid bears long, fragrant, purple-lilac flower panicles in mid-May.


Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon Grapeholly)

The very bright yellow flowers of this evergreen shrub are borne in 2-3 inch long clusters in April.

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Chaenomeles speciosa (Common Flowering Quince)

The Common Flowering Quince puts on an excellent spring flower show with beautiful red flowers.

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Cornus kousa 'Satomi' (Pink Kousa Dogwood)

This lovely small tree produces interesting pink, square-like blossoms (bracts) in late spring, after the foliage emerges.


Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud)

A common Indiana native, the Eastern Redbud is known for its purplish-pink flower clusters that smother the branches in early spring.



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